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The Carbo-Mizer Bulk CO2 storage system is the flagship series of our beverage systems.

Serving a variety of markets and usage requirements, Carbo-Series Bulk CO2 systems meet the unique demands of every customer. Carbo-Series systems eliminate run-outs, allowing you to focus on customer sales rather than operations. All models are constructed of high-grade stainless steel for food-grade compatibility and long service life.

The Carbo-Mite® 220 Bulk CO2 System is a new generation bulk liquid CO2 storage container designed for the small 20/50 lb. high-pressure cylinder user. The revolutionary design and construction of the Carbo-Mite tank provides all the benefits of bulk storage with no gas losses between refills up to six months apart.

Carbo-Mizer® Bulk CO2 System tanks are available in sizes ranging from 300 to 750 and offer an affordable alternative to high-pressure cylinders. Each Carbo-Series tank is equipped with a proprietary vacuum maintenance system to ensure optimized long-term performance. Unique to the market, this feature offers greater efficiency over longer periods of time.

The Carbo-Max® Bulk CO2 System is available as either a 750 or 1000 High Flow System to meet the demands of high volume customers. A first in the beverage market, this system offers the capacity and flow rates necessary for high volume users such as: stadiums, brew pubs, cineplexes and microbreweries.

  • Carbo-Mite®, Carbo-Mizer® and Carbo-Max® Bulk CO2 System tanks

  • Carbo-Mite® 220 Bulk CO2 System Tank

  • Carbo-Mizer® 450 Bulk CO2 System Tank

  • Carbo-Max® 750 Bulk CO2 System Tank

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